Canadian Travel Medical Insurance

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World wide travel (excluding U.S.)

Traveling is always exciting. Have you thought about if any emergencies happen, how you will handle it,
especially in a foreign country? We are here to ensure every trip is as smooth as possible.

World wide travel

Visiting U.S. can be fun, but if an emergency happens during your trip, it can be costly. In 2012, the cost for a hospital stay was over $4,000 per day. How will you pay?

Travel within Canada

Medical expenses that occur are not fully covered by your provincial medical plan, while traveling
outside of your home province. Get these out of pocket expenses under covered!

How we can help (key benefits):

  • Emergency Hospital/Medical Insurance, up to $5 million per trip.
  • 24/7 multilingual assistance anytime, anywhere
  • Ambulance services
  • Emergency dental and other professional medical services

Different options:

Single trip coverage or multiple trip plan to give the flexibility you need
Family rate is available. Get an even lower rate when you travel with more people.